Send in Your Project

What to include when sending a finishing order:
It is important that you fill out one of our order forms (below), and that your completed order form includes:

  • Your name, current address, current e-mail, and phone number
  • All details of your finishing request (Color preference, embroidery script, etc)
  • Valid Credit Card Details (Card #, Exp. date, Zip code, sec #) **
  • Your stitched needlepoint in a zip-lock bag (to prevent water damage in transit)

Order forms for some of our standard projects are listed below. Click on the bullet point to open the .pdf in your browser! We will use this information to finish your needlepoint exactly as you like. Keep scrolling for shipping guidelines. They are at the bottom of this page.

Don't be afraid to be specific about what you want! We love to get creative with customer pieces. If you don't see pricing for something you have in mind, feel free to contact us for an estimate. Head on over to our materials page for color and fabric options.

If you don't see the project you have in mind represented, please fill out a Miscellaneous Finishing Form.

If you have multiple items to finish (perhaps an ornament set, matching eye glass cases for you and a friend, etc), we have a Multi Finishing Form, which allows you to input details for up to 5 items.

General Shipping Instructions

All Incoming Finishing Projects should be mailed* to:

Finishing Department c/o Rittenhouse Needlepoint
1216 Arch St, Suite 2A
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Yes! We have moved! This is our address as of February 2018.

*We strongly suggest you send your needlepoint via UPS or FedEx.

** We will use this information to take a 50% upfront deposit for the finishing job. The remainder of the cost + shipping will be charged before the finished item is shipped back. We understand if you feel more comfortable giving us Credit Card information over the phone. Include in your note that you wish to be contacted to verify billing information. You can also give us this information in advance by calling the office @ (215) 563-4566.