Welcome to our Materials Guide!



Pairing the right fabric to accompany your heirloom piece is an art all on its own. We are here to make it simple!
We go to great lengths to provide elegant and durable materials that are meant to last.
We regularly stock:

Designer Remnants

We carry a wide range of designer remnants from The Market Place. Each fabric is hand selected for our shop and can add an elegant finish. We charge $25 per piece used in your project. A few samplings of our color palletes are picture below.

Cotton Twill

Click on any fabric swatch to view a larger version of the image.

Dupioni Silks

Click on any fabric swatch to view a larger version of the image. Dupioni Silk is a hand woven fabric that we line with an interfacing to enhance durability. This delicate fabric comes in multidimensional colors that shift in the light, giving any finished item added flair and personality.

Lush Velveteens

Click on any fabric swatch to view a larger version of the image.

Thin Cotton

Click on any fabric swatch to view a larger version of the image.

Cording Options

Self Cording (pictured above) – Self-cording (also known as welting) is a length of woven cotton cord that is sheathed in fabric. We can custom create self-cord in any of the fabrics that we stock. It can be the same fabric you selected for the backing of your project or we can use a contrasting color in the same fabric. (Please note - Self Cord is not recommended for small items such as stuffed ornaments, or soft stand ups.)

Custom Cording (pictured above) – All custom cording is hand twisted by our finishers. Threads are pulled from shop inventory to match a rainbow of canvas colors day in and day out. See our services page for pricing. If you have any leftover skeins that you have NOT cut into, you can include them with your needlepoint to be finished. We may be able to use them for twisted cord!

Specialty - We are a distributor for Samuel and Sons fine trim. They are one of the largest distributors for specialty cording. View the sample books here or come into our shop for more information.

Stuffing Options

Polyfill - Poly-fil is a soft polyester fiber we order specifically for pillows made in our shop. Pillows can be filled to your specifications. If you know you prefer an "understuffed" or "overstuffed" look, that is helpful to know.

Down - Our Down inserts are custom-ordered to fit the dimensions of your heirloom for a snug fit. They contain 90/10 down. (That is, 90% down and 10% feather.) The cost of the insert will vary, depending on the size of your project.

Embroidery Services

Our finishing department is home to a 16 needle Bernina embroidery system, with threads to match our selection of fabrics, and your needlepoint!
Adding custom dates or initials to the back of your piece is a wonderful way to make your finished item personal. This is a great option if you intend to gift your piece, or pass it down through your family, or even if you simply want to commemorate the date you finished stitching!

Current Font Offerings


Block - Recommended for embroidery that has to fit on very small objects.

Bold Cursive

Comedy - Available in capital letters only.

Jazz - Available in capital letters only.

MGM Diamond - This font will group text in 3s to create the diamond shape. This is a great option for initials.

Olde English


Roman - Available in capital letters only.

Stencil - Available in capital letters only.



We also offer Hebrew. We recommmend you have Hebrew text proofed by a Rabbi or someone who is confident in reading and writing in Hebrew. We can send you a screenshot of the design before we stitch it to verify that it matches the copy text you sent us, but we cannot proof at this time.

A note on picking thread color for your embroidery

We carry many colors to account for the many, many colors you all stitch in, but it is sort of hard to organize our thread collection in a way that won't totally overwhelm you with options! On your order form, it is helpful if you specify what colors you like. "Blue to match the flowers" or "Gold to match the bells on Santa's sleigh" are helpful notes. You can also write "best match" and we will pick a color that matches your needlepoint and fabric selection.

We do not currently offer digitizing services (that is, converting any image into a stitchable design). We are willing to work with custom requests. Please call the shop for more information, or send an e-mail inquiry to finishing@rittenhouseneedlepoint.com.